Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SH Figuarts Alternative Zero Mini Review

The latest release in the Kamen Rider Ryuki line is here, with Alternative Zero!

Alternative Zero is a completely different (all new?) body from the previous Ryuki Figuarts. WTF?

The feet are different, not just plastic, (booo!), but different sculpt, the hands are different (the card holding hand even - it reminds me a lot more of Den-O's pass-holding hand than the Ryuki card holding hands). If there is ANY reuse between Alternative Zero and Ryuki, it is so minimal as to be irrelevant.

The joints feel plenty solid, the articulation doesn't seem crippled anywhere, it seems like a totally excellent Figuarts - despite the plastic feet, they're still nice and large, they seem the same size as the Ryuki feet, not miniscule things like the Sentai Figuarts have, so I don't foresee any balance issues, but it's just totally weird that it's so very much NOT a Ryuki Figuarts, despite having the correct style of packaging and having cards, which also look almost nothing like Advent cards.

WHAT IS THIS THING? Abyss was from a completely different TV series, and yet it is very much a Ryuki Figuarts, but Alternative Zero, he has more in common with SHF Blade than with SHF Ryuki. I don't get it.

But it's a very nice looking figure, and well worth having, it just doesn't match my expectations. Do I display it on my Ryuki shelf?

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Video Review #39: Robot Damashii Zaku II

Robot Damashii is a line I recently started collecting, it's a lot like SH Figuarts, in that it's a highly articulated line, generally with lots of accessories, mainly geared at one franchise, that of Mobile Suit Gundam.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Video Review #37: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank Form

Though I haven't finished watching the show yet, I really enjoy Kamen Rider Ryuki. Though I didn't at first, I know quite enjoy the Rider war aspect of it, and the Mirror Monsters is a great concept.

Additionally, the SH Figuarts line for Kamen Rider Ryuki is fantastic. Of all the many Figuarts I have, the Ryuki line is the best one, for posing, for quality, for sheer number of accessories. As such, I am most definitely a completist when it comes to the Ryuki line of Figuarts. I highly recommend any Ryuki Figuart to anybody.

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